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Check for underground utilities before digging

Whether your spring to-do list includes building a fence or planting trees – breaking ground should always be done with caution. April is National Safe Digging Month so remember, your best line of defense before digging is to call 811, a free service that marks underground utilities and pipelines. Many of these are less than a foot underground. 

The process is simple: Call 811 or visit three days before a digging project, wait for underground utilities to be marked and don’t dig within two feet of those markers.  


It’s best to call 811 any time you break ground, even if you think you know where a utility line is located. “In the U.S., an underground utility is hit every nine minutes, causing dangerous consequences,” says Tina Beach, public awareness specialist for CHS. “It takes a lifetime to build a farm, and it takes just one free call to keep it safe.”  

Area producers share in local CHS patronage distribution

Eligible farmer-owners of CHS retail businesses based in Colorado shared in the recent distribution of cash patronage and equity based on business done with the co-op.

Between the three retail businesses, eligible farmer-owners in Colorado and western Nebraska shared in a total of $4,644,776.68 in patronage dividends based on business done Sept. 1, 2017 — Aug. 31, 2018. Of that, $820,732.05 was paid out in cash.

“We’re extremely proud to share this important cooperative membership benefit with our customers,” said John Ptacnik, general manager of the CHS retail business based in Yuma, Colorado.

This locally based retail division of CHS Inc. allocated a total of $2,361,329.60 in patronage dividends from fiscal 2018, of which $417,247.03 is being paid out in cash.

“Delivering an economic return to our farmer-owners for the business they do with CHS is one more way we help our owners grow,” said Evan Fust, general manager of CHS Grainland, based in Holyoke, Colorado.

CHS Grainland allocated a total of $2,269,336.88 in patronage dividends to its eligible members based on business done Sept. 1, 2017 – Aug. 31, 2018, of which $400,991.76 is being paid out in cash.

Since 2015, the two retail businesses have worked together through an agronomy partnership to bring agronomy services and products to area producers. Farmer-owners who did business through that agronomy partnership shared in $14,110.20 of patronage dividends, with $2,493.26 of that being paid out in cash.

“We are proud to bring the latest in precision ag technology, crop inputs and crop protection products to our farmer-owners, while also allowing them to earn patronage on the business they do with us,” said Jason Hovey, general manager of the agronomy partnership, based in Sterling, Colorado.

Overall, CHS Inc. will return $150 million in cash patronage and equity redemption to its owners in 2019, part of the cooperative’s commitment to sharing profits with owners and returning money to rural America where it can be reinvested in the community. More than 840 local cooperatives and 25,000 farmers share in this distribution of cash patronage and equity redemptions.

The percentage returned to owners is determined annually by the CHS Board of Directors.

“Returning cash to our owners enables farmers, ranchers and cooperatives to invest in their own futures,” said Dan Schurr, chairman of the CHS Board. In the past 12 years, CHS has returned about $3.5 billion to its owners in the form of cash patronage.

3 equipment tips to get the most out of a short planting season

Planting Equipment Tips

By Mimi Falkman, senior marketing specialist, CHS Lubricants

Planting season is always a busy time of year on the farm, but it can be especially tight when winter overstays its welcome. A short spring means there’s even less time than usual for farmers to complete some of the most important work of the year.

During a condensed planting season, equipment is under added stress because it needs to work overtime to meet demands. To keep machines protected and operating at peak performance during a shorter spring, farmers can set themselves up for success by preparing their equipment and fluids while the fields are still wet.


CHS reports $596.3 million of net income for first six months of fiscal 2019

CHS Income

CHS Inc. reported net income of $248.8 million for the second quarter of fiscal 2019 and $596.3 million for the first six months of fiscal 2019.

“Our strong performance in the second quarter reflects our hard work at serving our owners and other customers better. We’ve refocused on serving our customers and improving our operations, and that has shown positive results in our financials for the first half of fiscal 2019,” said Jay Debertin, CHS president and chief executive officer. “Our performance also reflects the benefit of a diverse platform across business units that serves our cooperative and farmer-owners.”


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